How To Get A Traffic Ticket Dismissed In Texas Online (2023)

So you got a traffic ticket. You might be feeling any number of things about it: frustration, anger, indifference, or even fear. Whether it’s your first ticket or not, you don’t have to simply give up, thinking that a ticket is a guaranteed point or two on your license.

The state of Texas offers drivers a few different ways to get a ticket dismissed, therefore not negatively impacting your driving record.

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Whatever you do, do not simply allow the ticket to be processed. This is by far the worst option and leaves you with fewer options in the future. After all, once you receive a certain amount of points in any given amount of time, you risk having your license suspended. So even if it’s your first offense, you can’t 100% plan for errors in the future. It’s best to keep your driving record as clean as possible. The process of getting a ticket dismissed in Texas online usually involves driving school or a defensive driving class — a small price to pay compared to points on your license! Getting the ticket waived might not be as easy as simply accepting it, but it will most definitely benefit you down the road if the unexpected happens.

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First: Find Out If You Are Eligible To Have It Dismissed

Before you get too far into your research, know if you can get your ticket dismissed. There are a few factors that will make you ineligible to sign up for a driving safety course, including:

  • If you hold a Texas Commercial Driver’s License. The CDL, as it’s called, allows you to drive buses or trucks. If you have this license, though, the defensive driving class in Texas will not be an option for you.
  • You dismissed a ticket previously within the past 12 months. In the state of Texas, you are only able to dismiss one ticket per year.
  • You plead “not guilty.” If you maintain your innocence then you, unfortunately, cannot still take the course. Even if you don’t think you were in the wrong, you may decide to plead guilty, simply to have the option to erase the point from your license.
  • Your ticket was for speeding over 25 miles per hour beyond the speed limit. Driving school is only an option in Texas for certain offenses, and while speeding is included, you must not have been going too far over the limit.

It is essentially up to the county court where you received the ticket to determine whether or not you can take defensive driving to have the traffic ticket dismissed. If they do approve you, though, you can take the class online to get it done as quickly as easily as possible.

Second: Register For The Texas Defensive Driving Course

In the state of Texas, you are able to take an online course to get your ticket dismissed, and for people who are short on time or simply don’t want to waste a Saturday in a classroom full of unhappy people, this is a great option. Online courses that are approved by the state and the DMV will take the same amount of time, if not less, and offer a number of perks. By choosing the right class, you’ll have 24/7/365 assistance and you can take the course in pieces whenever you find the time.

While this might seem silly, when you enroll, make sure it is, in fact, you who enroll. A family member or friend cannot enroll for you, otherwise, their name will be on the certificate of completion—and you won’t be able to dismiss your ticket!

Third: Order Your Certified Texas Driving Record

In addition to your certificate of completion of the course, all Texas courts will require your driving record. This record shows various parts of your driving history, including the basics like your name and address to the nitty-gritty details like traffic tickets and suspensions. You are not simply able to show up at a DMV and get this; instead, you must order one online or by mail. Depending on which record you want and how quickly you need it will help you figure out which option to choose.

Find more information about ordering your Texas driving record (in addition to the type of record you need).

Fourth: Begin Your Online Texas Defensive Driving Course

When you begin, you’re allowed to log in and out as much as you like, picking back up wherever you left off. You can squeeze in the time as you see fit, but know that you must complete the course within 90 days of registering. If you fail to complete it at this time, then you will not be able to have that ticket dismissed.

Fifth: Receive Your Certificate And Submit This And Your Driving Record To The Court

The great part about an online course is your certificate can often be mailed to you the next day. Once you receive it, you will get this together with your Texas driving record and turn it into the court, proving you put in the work into the course and what points are already on your license. Each county court is different, so you should check with them individually to determine how to turn in the paperwork. Some courts may request them to be mailed, while others will ask that it is done in person.

The work is mostly done at this point! We always advise you to check your driving record again about a month later to ensure the point has been removed from your license. But if you’ve followed these steps, then you can sit back and enjoy not having this strike against your driving record.

Well-Known Online Traffic Schools to Get a Ticket Dismissed in Texas

Now that you’re equipped with the proper know-how about getting a ticket dismissed in Texas, you’re probably looking for a reputable online traffic school to take courses from.

So, here are 4 of the best online traffic schools in Texas for you to choose from:

1. iDriveSafely

With iDriveSafely’s 2 decades of experience in providing online traffic education, it is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

They have simple courses available in three different formats – text-based, read-along, and full video. You’ll have more flexibility in choosing how you’d like to receive your online education.

Also, iDriveSafely helps secure your Type 3A driving record for you, submitting it directly to the DPS, so you don’t have to think about it after completing your course.

2. GoToTrafficSchool

Next, we have GoToTrafficSchool that offers the most affordable online traffic school course in Texas at around $25. Aside from that, their course doesn’t require a lot of effort to complete, allowing students to easily take in the information provided.

Instead of quizzes, students are given validation questions at the end of each chapter. These are far easier to answer and remember. The only thing that might set you off with GoToTrafficSchool’s course is that their videos and animations are a bit low in terms of quality.

3. MyImprov Traffic School

MyImprov Traffic School, on the other hand, relies on humor to make learning as interesting and entertaining as possible. The school was created in partnership with the renowned Improv Comedy Club and their course was co-written by professional comedy writers.

Now, don’t think that MyImprov is just all about laughs and jokes. They were actually voted numerous times as the Best Online Traffic School. Their “edutainment” style of teaching is fueled by fun, but mainly, it’s backed strongly by science – research shows that those who take the course from MyImprov are highly unlikely to get involved in traffic accidents.

4. Aceable

Lastly, Aceable, despite being a relatively new online traffic school, offers the most modern platform for defensive driving. It began as a start-up in Texas, and eventually became one of the leaders in providing defensive driving, especially in Texas.

Their official mobile app allows you to take their online traffic course anytime, anywhere, using only your smartphone. It is very accessible and perfect for watching interactive videos and animations that are an essential part of the lessons. This helps keep students engaged until they have completed the course.


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